Summer heat

Summer has started and whilst we are enjoying the sun, our little furry friends are faced with a difficult challenge; finding water!

Just as important as food, maybe even more so as food can be found at the moment, water is a necessity during these hot days.

So when you’re out and about passing one of the community water taps, fill up those empty yoghurt containers you finished at breakfast or ask the reception for an empty bowl and leave them full for the cats and dogs to find.

See one empty at the feeding places? Feel free to fill it up. Our four-legged friends will be grateful!


New cat feeders

The last days new cat feeders have been placed and more will follow!

You can find them at Sunrise Hotel in Pigadia and underneath Skala Bar in Amoopi.

Feel free to fill them with dry food!


Raiden is looking for a home

This energetic, playful, sweet, affectionate dog is looking for a companion. Raiden is approximately three years old and he is in good health when provided with the daily (prescribed) tablet for his life lasting condition leishmania.

End of October, Raiden was found in a ditch next to the main road. After examination by the VET, Raiden was diagnosed with leishmaniasis and received the 30 days treatment of milteforan. His health improved tremendously! He has been chipped, received the necessary vaccinations and with his EU passport he is ready to fly home, your home!