How to help

As with any small voluntary organization we are glad to receive donations! There are three ways in which you can help:

Food and water
Throughout Pigadia you will find our cat feeders. Feel free to fill them up with dry food!
As the heat rises in the summer and water is hard to find, placing bowls of water will help a great deal!

Financial donations7871_566944700035864_436188299_n
When you prefer to donate money, look for the ceramic donation boxes located in the islands’ hotels, restaurants and shops or donate directly through a bank transfer!

Animal Welfare Karpathos (Greece)
ational Bank of Greece, Karpathos Branch
IBAN: GR 1901 1038 7000 0038 7768 11788

Flight escort
During summer and winter we are looking for flight escorts to take the adopted animals to their new homes. The additional costs for the transport of the animal(s) will be covered.

You can help by sending us an e-mail with the following details:
Departure date (leaving from Karpathos)
Country and airport
Phone number where you can be reached during your stay on Karpathos